Spent 5 days riding with a great group of fellow Veterans in some of the most breathtaking scenery our country has to offer. Here is just a sample of our 5 day adventure. This program is fully funded by donations. The entire week was paid for by those donations including supplied bikes, BMW 1200'S, lodging, meals, etc... If you are able please consider donating. I can promise everyone 100pct. of all donations go towards this project which helps Veterans cope with PTSD. After each ride we attended group sessions which try to teach us how to cope with this malady. On average 22 Veterans A DAY take their lives. Please help this generous organization help our Veterans of all era's.
Thank You

10 years down.

I'm sitting here and thinking about what that means to me and Big Dog Biker. That's a long time, and Big Dog Biker really started in 2006 with Hot Rod Biker. The BDOG was in a death spiral do to the owner letting it die a slow death. @Raywood was helping me with Hot Rod Biker and invited the masses over, and HRB quickly became the BDM gathering spot.

I remember polling the BDM owners about a spin off sister site and the response was an overwhelming YES! It took a few months to get everything sorted out and up and running... then it became official! Big Dog Biker went live and the rest is history.

We all have helped countless Big Dog owners repair their own bikes. Truth be told, we've helped a number of professional mechanics repair Big Dogs!

We've got a great membership going on here. We've had big gatherings all around the world, since we are a true international community.We've had huge group rides, my most memorable was our Big Dog Biker group ride in Sturgis in 2010 that @Dakotabos put together. And we have the rides that @mastiffdave puts together at the BBBBQ rally in Arkansas. Now we have our 10 year party that @Biker Babe and @Mr. Wright are organizing, which should be a blast.

We've gone through different hosting companies, different forum software, different looks. The staff has received threats of physical violence up to, and including, death threats. I've had the Secret Service show up to my home and faced a federal subpoena due to a stupid political post (hence the no politics rule). We've watch a few former members self destruct right in front of us. Crazy stuff has happened here.

Despite a few negative periods in our history, I wouldn't change a thing. We just have amazing members that bring so much to the Big Dog Biker community and all of you make Big Dog Biker a real, no-shit, community.

People like to thank me but all I've done is create a...