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This is something we had way back when we started Big Dog Biker... and then it was "broken" somehow and never worked again.

But one of the benefits of moving to this new software was the strong support and following... and the talented programmers.

So, a Big Dog Biker Members Map is back and working like a champ. It may take a couple more days for it to fully render all members locations, if it can, so if you don't see your location, give it a day or two.

The Member Map pulls the location you entered in your profile. This can be your city/st/country or zip code. I've even tested down to my exact address, and that works perfectly... I don't recommend it. Essentially, any location that Google maps can render, you can use in your Location section.

Your profile location

User Map - found under the "Members" tab
Due to popular demand I now have a Red style, similar to our old style, available now. To choose the new style, scroll down to the bottom left of the page, and click the link above the copyright info. You;ll have a window pop up and you can pick from the two styles currently available.

It's a work in progress and I'll work on it in the next few weeks to mirror, as best as I can, what we had before. I purchased it tonight and adjusted it enough to be in the same ballpark.
Our gallery has a feature that we haven't had in the past, the ability to tag people in your pictures. I tried it out tonight and it seems to work fine for me... take a look for yourself.