Biketoberfest 2018, Who's Going?



With about two weeks to go, this is a good time to see who's going to Biketoberfest 2018...

Does anyone know of anything special that will be going on?

Is anyone up for a Big Dog Biker forums meet and greet?

Steven Proctor

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Won't be able to take the K9. Sprung a transmission leak last week. I have been reading up on some thread on how to fix, but don't have any real knowledge on it. Will post more later in the Help me outta this mess section. Yall have fun down there.


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I can’t attend this year but I’d appreciate if you could keep an eye out for my stolen bike thanks to all in advance
2006 Ridgeback color is black cherry
Very noticeable items
Handle bars have been shortened from an 05 chopper
The dual air cleaner
4 inch Karata primary with a 1 off bearing support
Again thank you all !!!!



In the Potters hand...
Missed you at the luncheon Gerald...was looking forward to seeing you again.
Good to hear from you Gil, would’ve liked seeing you again. Hope all is well with you. Got caught up at the track with friends and then caught up in traffic, (on the back roads no less). By the time we got to destination Daytona it was 2:30 and hot so we stayed put for awhile. Wish I could have been there, looking forward to the March meetup now.