Changing radio in a 09 Bulldog

Hey guys, I just recently purchased a 2009 Bulldog Bagger and I've found out that the alpine that comes in it has to have an additional piece to bluetooth to my phon. So, I'm planning on changing it out for a radio with bluetooth. My problem is that I'm having troubles finding one that will mount in the factory cutout. I was wondering if anyone on here has changed one before and what kind and model did you use? I'm also putting in the Hawg Wired amp and speakers, and wondering if anyone has used this system as well and is it as good as they say?


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Hi Terry, Gateway Bigdog in St. Louis has a couple of different set ups they have made for the Bulldog, you may try talking to them. Their number is 314-291-6333.
Did you find a stereo
Gateway Bigdog say that they can put a custom one in.Said they have done a few the way he was talking about doing mine. Radio, apm, converting to 6.5 in component speakers with a 1 inch tweeter, wiring, painting inside fairing, and all the labor for $2,500.


They do good work Terry. I had them put in mine and I love it. Give Josh a call, I think he has some pictures of the work they did to my Scoot.
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