Purchased a 04 BD chopper less than a day ago and left me walking



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That's common, go to a mechanic and the noise stops with any vehicle. "But I swear it was doing it" Happened to me the other day on one of my work trucks aaanndd just as soon as I got it back yep it started the noise

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..... sideline question pertinent to the subject: I have a 2000 Bulldog with a Thunderheart ignition module, no issues, but I bought an additional module as a 'spare' .... but it is different from the original one. It is shaped differently, although also a Thunderheart. What would be the difference.?


rode around all day got home waited for the old lady we went for a ride. This morning rode to work and it died. Wasn’t getting any fire and the brand new battery just died after a couple cranks. Got it home put a charger on it and 20 min later fires up. I put a voltage meter on it and it had 12.8v off. after starting it’s 13.1 then 1200rpm it charges 14.1v so I got in it rode up the rode a few blocks turned it off the the same thing happened when I tried to start it back up no fire. I asked a local bike shop he said there is no way to fix it rip all the wiring out and wire it up like a Harley for $2000. Is this my only option I have no idea where to start trying to narrow down my problem. Can anyone help please
I have an O4 Chopper. Replaced my EHC with a plug and play wire box from Speedwerx. Cost bout $550 or there abouts.
Try to keep the bike original. These are good bikes once you get that problem fixed.

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UPDATE: after replacing the coil finding out the hard way it wasn’t bad. (Local Harley Davidson store told me they tested it and it was junk) it was my cam sensor!! Replaced that and have been riding all weekend with out a problem!!!


I just got my first bigdog 05 chopper last year and replaced it before it got me and my clutch went 5th ride on it- get bandit machine works clutch and fix the flaws the bike came with and then it will be the bike it was meant to be... one that rides
After a few phone calls with mr. wright testing ignition module cam sensor cleaned and greased all connections. Coil tested bad!! Should have the new one tomoro and get this dog back on the highway!!!! Once again a shout out to me.wright for all his time, help and patience!!
Did yours have the green dynatek coil? They don’t seem to be a very good coil. I just replaced mine with an accel brand dual fire with 50000 volts for 80 dollars and something. Definitely a noticeable difference